Welcome to the world of Caroline Stern!
(one of the best people in the world if you can anticipate the usual 100 flaws with women)

This site is obviously under construction (not even a construction yard icon here, sorry!) and this won't change for a reasonable amount of time.

When there is interesting content here some time in the future I'm sure you will be the first to hear so.

In the meantime feel free to contact Caroline via email:
Caroline Stern <Caroline.Stern@gmx.at>

BTW, please don't bug Caroline for the poor disign of this website, it's not her fault, she is not even the maintainer of this site, and also not the keeper of this domain (I'm sure you find out who else if you know the internet und can use tools like whois!)

Also, www.caroline-stern.com and Caroline.Stern@gmx.at is in no way associated with a Caroline Stern from Ferris State University, Michigan, USA
(web: instruction.ferris.edu/sternc, email: sternc@ferris.edu)